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24 September

Entrepreneurship: A Good Career For You

Are you a person who is more likely to work confidently while embracing failures, problems, and insecurities? Is it because you believe that all of it can help you grow? 


In this world full of people who just want to have fun, there you are, a person who is most likely to spend time on content that helps you grow rather than makes you laugh. There are times that you are called “the human calendar” because you have a talent when it comes to planning and time management. You even see yourself as a student of working smart because you look for ways to be more effective yet efficient at the same time. You want to dream big and think of the big picture and believe that little things will lead to achieving big things. There’s unexplainable happiness when you are watching and talking with people in situations that help them to learn about life and personal perspective. If you are that kind of person having those signs, then there’s a perfect career that suits you very well. Entrepreneurship is a good career for you!

Benefits of Entrepreneurship Career

Not everyone is for entrepreneurship. If you already have the characteristics of good entrepreneurship, then it is a good career for you. The following are the benefits of choosing entrepreneurship career:

  • You have your own schedule. Since it’s your own business, you can have independence and freedom of deciding when you want to work. You can work as much as you want to! It doesn’t mean that you have fewer things to accomplish but makes you have the opportunity to accommodate other things to do in your life. You have the opportunity to prioritize the activities you are in most need to accomplish.
  • The position of being a business leader is yours. You have the authority to control the things accomplished in your own business. You also have the opportunity to form your own team based on what your standards are. 
  • Having the opportunity to change lives. The work itself is a big help already to your staff. The efficiently good products will also be a great help to others because you have a business where you can help others while earning. 
  • You can work anywhere. Some entrepreneurs are working while travelling. They can work while having fun is a great opportunity for every individual. As long as internet access was there, work is possible! You can even have quality with your family, even at work. There’s more time for a healthy living. 
  • It has no age limits. As long as you can run your business, your entrepreneurship career.

Choose Entrepreneurship Career Now!

There are millions of people who want to enter the world of business, given the fact that entrepreneurship takes bigger responsibility together with challenges.  No doubt that there are also millions of people who took entrepreneurship as a good career for them. I’m sure all your undecided thoughts are now wiped away. Perhaps, you are thinking of choosing an entrepreneurship career because that’s what your heart is telling you to do so! Think of yourself now as a future entrepreneur, you might encounter numerous failures but don’t think of it as the end but only a beginning.

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online marketing
24 September

Top 10 Benefits of Online Marketing to your Business

Online marketing is becoming more prominent among businesses, regardless of their business nature and size. Unlike mass marketing, online marketing provides a more cost-effective, efficient, and instant way for businesses to reach their target audiences on a larger scale. Indeed, it has become one of the leading marketing strategies that companies implement, making it one of the favorites among small businesses, and even more for well-known companies.

online marketing

What Makes Online Marketing Popular?

Besides its availability for almost all kinds of businesses, online marketing offers a wide range of advantages for companies. It has paved the way for modern technology to take over business marketing somehow. Statistics have shown that a huge fraction of many businesses’ budget is allotted to online marketing, and here are the top 10 reasons why. 

Top 10 Benefits of Online Marketing

  1. Provides Better Visibility. All businesses, no matter how big or small they are, are looking to build their brand visibility continuously. Without online marketing, it is hard to build a brand, especially for startup businesses. However, with the emergence of online marketing, boosting brand visibility is now made easier through several marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine advertising.
  1. Enhances Local Presence. This is one of the major benefits, especially for small, local businesses. They get to target their ideal audiences and customers, even with a low budget. Search engine optimization, local listings, and Google My Business allow people to search for products, services, and businesses within their area, enhancing the presence of local businesses.
  1. Increases Brand Authority. Presence in the online spaces dramatically influences the way potential customers see a brand. Ranking high on search engine results and high activity on social media are some examples of how online marketing has an impact on brand authority.
  1. Is Cost-Effective. Unlike traditional marketing, which requires enormous expenses for print advertising, online marketing can offer low cost or even free advertising. Blogging and posting on social media are just some of the online marketing strategies that are low cost or even available for free.
  1. Allows you to Target Ideal Customers. Targeting the right people is indeed challenging with traditional marketing methods. However, with online marketing, you can easily customize your strategies to reach your ideal customers. For example, using paid advertising allows you to define your target audience through their demographics, interests, and even purchasing behavior. 
  1. Wider Reach (Local to Global!). It is a big challenge for businesses to be able to bring their brands to a global level using traditional marketing methods. Not only because this will require a large amount of investment, but it is also a risk considering the diversity of culture and preferences of people around the world. Online marketing’s vast space and accessibility to larger audiences now allow businesses to bring their brands on a global level without the high cost and financial risk.
  1. Allows Personalization. Personalization is quite noticeable for many successful brands, and now it is made possible with digital marketing. Digital marketing now will enable businesses to customize their strategies and advertising approaches to be tailored-fit to what their customers are looking for.
  1. Allows 24/7 Marketing. With the Internet being available all the time, marketing 24/7 is now made possible. Businesses may now set up their marketing campaigns to run 24 hours every day without the need for extra staffing.
  1. Improves Sales and Customer Relationships. Studies have shown that people are now purchasing products and services online. This also goes the same for seeking customer assistance. Online availability has been linked to increasing sales and improved customer retention and relationships.
  1. Provides Both Instant and Long Term Advantages. Besides the benefits mentioned above, the longevity of the said benefits is another advantage of online marketing. Digital marketing assets can last for a significant amount of time and can even be useful for future marketing campaigns. Also, targeted paid advertising can bring instant results such as increased sales, wider reach, and boosted traffic.

It is impressive to see how far the Internet has brought us, from our purchase behavior to businesses’ marketing strategies. The mentioned benefits above are just a few of the boundless opportunities that online marketing has to offer. As long as we use online marketing as leverage wisely, we’ll never know how far we’ll go.

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establish your brand
24 September

7 Creative Ways to Establish Your Brand

A Nielson survey shows that 59% of consumers prefer to purchase products and services from familiar brands. Big or small businesses understand the challenge of competing with other brands and establishing their own. 

establish your brand

Importance of Establishing Your Brand

According to Seth Godin, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” This quote summarizes the importance of establishing a brand. 

Furthermore, your brand is your business’s face and reputation. It reflects who your company wants to be and where it wants to be. It may influence the consumers’ purchasing behavior and loyalty to your business. 

Nevertheless, with the rise of numerous competing businesses and brands from all sorts of industries and niches, it is becoming a huge challenge to establish your brand to stand out. It is a good thing that there are always creative ways to try. Here are creative ways to establish your brand.

7 Ways of Building Your Brand

  1. Establish Your Brand Impression through Branding Colors. People nowadays tend to associate colors with feelings, symbolism, and vision. Colors are now more than the aesthetic; people are now looking into the deeper meaning of colors. This is why choosing your branding colors to use is very important. Not only because of its appeal to the eyes of the consumers but also because of the impression it leaves. It is best to consult with a graphic designer or design specialist to pick out the colors that best fit your brand and vision. It is also crucial to be consistent with the use of your branding colors – from your logo, website, social media, and even to your print advertising. 
  1. Build an Interactive, Unique Website. Since most of the consumers are now reaching out for the Internet when looking for products and services, it is essential to build a unique yet interactive and user-friendly website. It is also necessary to put your target and ideal customers into consideration when creating your website. For example, if your target audiences are older, it is best to make your website straightforward, informative, and easy to use. 
  1. List Your Business on Local Listing and Niche Directories. eMarketer shows that 35% of product searches start on Google. Also, Hubspot mentioned that 34% of “near me” searches done via desktop and tablets result in in-store visits. These numbers show the importance of having your business available in Google searches, and listing your business in local listing and niche directories gives your business a higher chance to show up in search results. Moreover, many people are now checking for reviews and ratings, so managing your brand reputation in local listing platforms and niche directories is also a must.
  1. Set Up and Optimize Your Social Media. Besides search engines, social media is one of the leading channels for people to learn about a brand, a product, or a service. Moreover, consumers tend to trust brands with complete social media accounts (at least the following: Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter). It is also important to be active in these once set up. 
  1. Create Unique, Relevant Content. This is important not only on your social media accounts but also on your other platforms such as your website, blogs, and even press releases. It is vital to not only promote the brand but also to impart meaningful information to your audience.
  1. Be in the Trend. Viral marketing is a special yet effective method of establishing a brand. Being updated with the trend and what’s viral, and incorporating it to a brand has made some brands known and successful. However, many people tend to get serious and sensitive about certain issues, so it’s important to use viral marketing wisely and carefully. 
  1. Get Involved in Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is also one of the most creative and instant ways of establishing a brand. Collaborating with a personality or influencer that’s relevant to the industry that you are in has been found to be successful, not only for boosting a brand but also for increasing sales.

There are numerous ways to creatively and effectively establish your brand. The most important thing about it is keeping it simple and keeping it real.

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